How many Burners does it take to start a fire?

All of us.
— Fred 'Trainwreck' Polsky, SOAK Lead

Precipitation NW will be responsible for all projects PREVIOUSLY MANAGED BY SOAK, LLC, including:



Founded in 2005, SOAK is the Portland Regional Burn. It is a multi-day, family-friendly camping event held 2.5 hours southeast of Portland at the Justesen Ranch. SOAK 2016 is tentatively scheduled for May 26-30.

All information about SOAK*2016: SCIENCE! can be found at




Founded in 2004, Burnout is the Portland Regional Decompression. It is typically held as a one-night event, and its location varies from year to year. The 2015 event was held at the Portland Expo Center in mid-October.



burning man Core / souk

The organization also manages Portland contributions to the Burning Man CORE and Burning Man Souk projects. Ideas are reviewed, submitted, funded and supported (if approved by Burning Man). Portland community members contributed their ideas and efforts in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

In today’s culture, the only chance some people get to engage in a collective project is in their workplace, and that experience is frequently spoiled by the nature of the task. How many people would keep going to their jobs if they weren’t bribed to do so? Some people are hungry for the experience of working with others on a shared task that they want to do, to make something beautiful, sublime or even silly; and one of the better expressions of that impulse is burnable art projects. On a build project, there are tasks for everybody regardless of their skill level - the only pre-requisite required is to bring a good attitude and try to work well with others. After the work is done and the art is appreciated by the community, it is set on fire because fire is pretty awesome. Some art is for the ages, some just for a week.
— Chris 'Starfish' Schneider, SOAK Producer