POSITION: Producer SOAK*2019



Edit: Submissions for this position have closed. Thank you to everyone who applied.



Reports to: Regional Contact (RC) Team & Precipitation Northwest board



  • Entry + 1 to SOAK and BurnOut

  • Meeting meals/snacks

  • Travel, housing, and registration fees for trainings

  • Fuel reimbursement for site visits

  • Potential for financial stipend (6 months) later on


Position Summary:

Work under the direction of the RC Team and Precipitation Northwest (PNW) to oversee and manage expenses and event income. Modify and maintain production budgets. Lead planning meetings with production team. Act as point of contact and reference for event vendors, Manage administrative functions of the event. Keep accurate records of all event contracts, expenses, and ticketing revenue.


Essential Functions:

  • Keep accurate record of all contracts, administrative papers, expense receipts, and budget for event in “legitimacy binder”

  • Act as task manager to leads and volunteers

  • Facilitate planning meetings with monthly to bi-weekly production team meetings, moving to weekly meetings leading up to the event at the Burner Barn

  • Approve various expenses for departments in accordance with the approved event budget (PNW, RCs)

  • Attend Operations (OPs) and PNW meetings as necessary

  • Meet with RCs as necessary

  • Act as point of reference for event logistics questions from Team Leads and Community members

  • Manage reports, forms, and information within the VolCor software and Google Docs

  • Be prepared to make decisions about event logistics

  • Work with SOAK media and PNW for press releases and announcements for web and social media channels

  • Request that the Regional Contact Page be updated

  • Answer frequent emails regarding event logistics


Secondary Functions:

  • Perform or delegate administrative functions: Printing and picking up documents, purchasing supplies, stuff envelopes, mail materials

  • Act as mentor and mediator to leadership team under the direction of the Regional Contacts and PNW HR

  • Be on-call (on radio) for event logistics 24/7 during event set up, operational hours, and take down

  • Act as back-up point of contact to County Agencies for event logistics and permit regulations

  • Participate in departmental trainings, workshops, and related Burning Man conferences.

  • File permit paperwork to necessary entities, and participate in permit requirement research

  • Assist with site/venue searches

  • Other duties as assigned


Supervisory responsibilities:

Management of SOAK Leads and Point Of Contact for SOAK Vendors (Medical Team, Sanitation Company, etc…).


Knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Has a good sense of how business and event decisions are made in accordance with the 10 Principles.

  • Has attended SOAK at least 3 times.

  • Has volunteered with a SOAK infrastructure team at least twice.

  • PayPal interface

  • Proficiency in Google Docs

  • Proficiency in MS Excel and MS Word

  • Ability to prepare and facilitate meetings, keeping people on point and on time

  • Ability to remain calm, balanced and professional in stressful situations

  • Ability to use sound judgement when making decisions that may affect the outcomes of the event

  • Ability to lead presentations and speak publicly about the event

  • Ability to retain private and confidential information about the event, staff and volunteers


Minimum qualifications:

  • At least 2 years of event (festival) production experience

  • Experience managing a team of 5 or more reports

  • Experience and familiarity with Applicant Tracking System, Data Management System, Quickbooks, or Event Production Software

  • Extremely well organized

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Has personal computer, access to the internet and cell phone

  • Has personal transportation


Working conditions:

  • Work is done primarily from a home environment, mostly at a computer.

  • Some of time is spent at Burner Barn conducting meetings and managing records and occasional events hosted at Barn.

  • Must be able to arrange personal transportation to/from the event site, other locations outside of Portland as required by County and other officials, the Burner Barn and other sites as needed.


Timeline commitment:

6 months prior to the event: up to 10 hours per week

6 months to 3 months prior to the event: up to 15 hours per week

3 months to 2 weeks prior to the event: up to 25 hours per week

1 week prior to the event: up to 30 hours per week

During event: on call 24 hours, and stays until last person is out, or other arrangements have been made with LNT team.


To apply:

Please send a resume and letter outlining your desire and experience for the role to the Board of Directors of Precipitation NorthWest, along with 2-3 references, at board@precipitationNW.org. Deadline to apply is August 12, 2018.