CURRENT board of directors


Ryan Krellwitz
President + Executive Committee Chair + Development Committee Member
Joined: January 2017

A Portland native, Ryan is a project manager and artist with an entrepreneurial background. He has a background in product management, technology support production management, and music promotion. He founded an independent music venue and cannabis wholesale company. 

Ryan’s first experience at Black Rock City was in 2012, when he joined a project camp and helped construct and operate the Honorarium installation “Bapteme De Feu” by Anton Viditz-Ward. An interest in furthering his participation in Burning Man on the regional level has lead to his involvement with Precipitation Northwest, where he provides his management experience as a service to the entire community.


Harry Nedley
Vice President + Programs Committee Member + Legal Advisor
Joined: January 2018

Harry's professional background is in commercial litigation. He worked for 6 years in New York until he moved to Portland in 2009. He is currently employed by Markowitz Herbold PC. He balances the demands of the legal world with many creative endeavors, such as large scale sculpture, clothing design, performance art, and dance.

He has attended Burning Man since 2012 and SOAK since 2016. He was a lead for the long-running theme camp Cafe Nëgrø, a black metal and black coffee camp. Of late, he has littered Soak's landscape with the American Standard, a large wood and fabric ode to the commode. He is very excited to be involved in the Burning Man community in a way that melds his love for art making with his professional skills


Ariel Rigney aka Gizmo
Treasurer + Finance Committee Chair + Development Committee Member + SOAK*2019 Event Liaison
Joined: January 2017

Ariel is a self-proclaimed nonprofit nerd. She works remotely as a fundraising consultant for nonprofits across the country. She received her MPA in Nonprofit Management from Portland State University in spring 2017. Before moving to Portland she worked as a Project and Event Manager for Free Wheelchair Mission, specializing in event fundraising, digital communications, and project management. She has a penchant for line dancing, is part pirate, and is always plotting her next international adventure due to her incurable wanderlust.

Ariel first attended Burning Man in 2014 and fell in love with the burn community immediately. She volunteers on the playa at the Box Office, plays the viola in the Playa Pops Symphony, and serves as an officer for her esplanade camp Prometheatrics. Her first regional was San Diego’s YouTopia in 2015, and first came to SOAK*2016. She’s excited to serve the community and region she loves from behind the scenes to help build more opportunities for art, education, and networking.


Dale Lucht aka Leho
Secretary + Finance Committee Member
Joined: January 2019

Dale is a manager for the State of Oregon where he supervises a software application development team. He has lived his whole life here and graduated from Oregon State University with a BS degree in Horticulture. Prior to his current job he owned and managed a large farming operation a few miles south of Portland.

Dale first became involved in the Burning Man community helping to build the CORE project in 2013. That was the first year he attended SOAK and Burning Man. Sinse then, he has helped with the MBS build at SOAK in 2015 and the SOAK Temple in 2016, 2017, and 2018. He is looking forward to transitioning from building and burning art to helping build the community.


Adrian Thomas-Eikmann aka Cucumber
Development Committee Member + Conduct Review Panel Liaison
Joined: January 2016

Adrian’s work experience includes everything from retail, to healthcare, to Human Resources, and even being a stagehand. He loves music, art, the outdoors, and roasting coffee. He also is a father to a wonderful budding Burner named ‘Emoji.’  He works as a Department Lead for a few commercial festivals and was formerly the SOAK Ranger Lead.

He has attended Burning Man since 2009. He is a year-round volunteer staff member for the Black Rock Rangers. During his free time in the desert when he only has one radio and isn’t wearing a pager, he enjoys searching vehicles and tearing tickets with the Gate Department, performing music, and checking out art. Some of his main goals for the board are developing community leaders, learning and helping others learn how to write grants, and being a conduit between Burners and non-Burners around the world.


Sarah Honeycutt
Development Committee Chair + Finance Committee Member
Joined: January 2019

Sarah is a generalist with deep interest in human, social, and economic behavior. Her background in municipal operations combined with her master’s in economics brought her to Portland to work with a local home builder as their VP of Operations. Since joining, she has helped the company transition into a regional land developer. Sarah is also a small business owner in the cannabis and hospitality industries, participates with other local nonprofits that support betterment of the community, and has a passion for renewable energy and sustainable living.

Sarah first attended Burning Man in 2012 and found her home. She loves to sew and up-cycle material into her next favorite playa outfit and volunteers with BRC Census. Her first SOAK will be 2019. Sarah has a passion for serving her community and is most excited about furthering opportunities to create art, community spaces, and leadership development while serving on the board.


Danielle Parks aka Mindset
Programs Committee Member
Joined: January 2019

Danielle is the owner and operator of a small business going on eighteen years. She grew up in the Seattle area where she earned a BA in English Literature from the University of Washington. She currently sits on the board of director's as Vice President at KBOO community radio. She also volunteers as an engineer and hosts a program called 'A Different Nature' - a show dedicated to bringing experimental and creative music to KBOO listeners.

Danielle first attended Burning Man in 2015. She quickly became interested in joining the Black Rock Rangers and continues to participate as a Green Dot ranger. Her first SOAK was in 2015 where she first became enamored with the Burning Man community. Danielle is a SOAK ranger and has rangered other regionals such as Youtopia and Critical NW. She also participates with the SOAK Temple crew. Danielle is grateful for the opportunity to become further involved with the SOAK community and be a part of Precipitation Northwest.




Becca Priddy
Term: January 2016 - December 2018


Amelia Lamb
Term: January 2016 - December 2018


Julia Betts
Term: January 2016 - October 2017


Tom Martin aka TomCat

Term: January 2016 - December 2017