EVENT OVERVIEW: SOAK is the official Regional Burning Man gathering for Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas. It is a multi-day interactive arts festival and family reunion-style camping event in Oregon with sprawling grassy lawns, picturesque river canyons, colorful camps, and diverse activities. This is a place to meet your fellow Burners and get a taste of Burning Man Northwest style. SOAK features fire performances, art, DJs and live music, a pageant, theme camps, workshops, and ceremonial burns including a temple and a Major Burnable Structure. The event is meant to bring the principles and energy from the Burning Man event to our region. It provides local burners with the opportunity to celebrate our community and culture, while providing a creative and interactive space for them to network and build connections with other like-minded people in our region.  Anyone can participate.

The first SOAK* event was held in 2004, and has been held annually ever since.

SOAK LEADERSHIP: While the event has been owned by SOAK LLC since 2005, the event itself is run entirely by volunteers. Each year volunteer Event Producers are selected who are responsible for spearheading the actual work of planning and executing the event, including working directly with vendors and managing the team of Volunteer Department Leads. Beginning in 2018, Precipitation Northwest will assume all legal and financial responsibility for the SOAK event thanks to a generous donation from SOAK LLC.


SOAK*2017: SUPERSTITION HIGHLIGHTS: This year’s event was held again at the beautiful Justesen Ranch in Tygh Valley. We had 66 official art pieces, 71 theme camps, and our biggest population to date – 1,566 attendees. Additionally, Precipitation Northwest administered the 2017 Artist Reimbursement program for the second year in a row. Thanks to a generous donation from SOAK LLC and an anonymous Portland-area donor, our $6,000 budget funded 28 projects.

View a slideshow of SOAK*2017 Funded Art Grant Awardees (Slideshow created by our 2017 Artist Liasion Sepia).