We have several ways you can get involved with us. Make sure to fill out our Volunteer Interest Form to let us know what you’re interested in.


1) Volunteer at the next BurnOut or SOAK event. Both of these events have the same leadership structure; Volunteer Event Producers, Volunteer Department Leads, and Event Volunteers. All levels are necessary for these events to happen, and everyone is welcome. As event volunteering opportunities become available, we will post updates to our Facebook page and our website.


Current Event Volunteer Opportunities:

Coming Soon - stay tuned


2)  Volunteer for a Board Committee. While we aren’t quite ready to invite regular board volunteers just yet, we can give you a sneak peek about where we’ll need volunteer support very soon. We currently have 3 main committees that are responsible for managing different aspects of organization. Each committee has a board member as its chair, who is responsible for directing the activities and ensuring that work gets done.

  • The Development Committee is responsible for fundraising, marketing, promotions, external communications, and branding.

  • The Finance Committee is responsible for managing, tracking, and overseeing our finances and legal contracts. A big part of this committee’s responsibility is making sure we are in compliance with state and national tax laws.

  • The Program Committee is responsible for planning, administering, and managing organizational events and programs, including BurnOut, SOAK, and Artist Reimbursement Programs (formerly known as Art Grant Programs).


Current Board Committee Volunteer Opportunities:

Coming Soon - stay tuned


3)  Volunteer to serve on our Board of Directors. Our organization is entirely run by volunteers, and that includes the Board of Directors. Board vacancies will be announced as they become available, and are often skills- and experience-based. Those interested in serving on the board must be willing to serve for a minimum of three years, be able to attend monthly meetings, and serve on at least one committee.


Learn more about how our board is structured and board member expectations by visiting our Board page.


Current Board Member Position Vacancies:

There are no board vacancies at this time.


4) Stay Connected. As we continue to grow, we will need all the community support and engagement that we can. It’s important to us that we make sure we are responding to the needs, ideas, and suggestions from the community. In order to do that, we need to hear from you! Please follow us on Facebook, join our email list, and stay in touch. Have an idea to make SOAK better? Want to host an event or fundraiser for us? Let us know!