Logo Design Project

Update: The application deadline has passed for artists to submit their portfolio. Thank you for your participation!

Precipitation Northwest is having a logo design competition! We are seeking individuals (not companies) to design our very first organizational logo. The design should be recognizable and reflect the three primary components of Precipitation Northwest's missionparticipatory art,volunteerism, and civic engagement.

(4/17/2017) - Based on feedback we received from the community, Precipitation Northwest has canceled the logo competition announced on Monday March 27th in favor of a more collaborative process for logo development. While the initial contest was intended to open up this process to the community and invite more participation, we acknowledge and apologize that our approach had the opposite intended effect and upset the very artists we meant to engage. We’re grateful for the guidance from those who reached out to us, and hope that our new approach presented here more effectively communicates our love, gratitude, and respect for the talented artists in our community. We value open and honest feedback, and thank the community for their ongoing support and grace as we continue to grow, learn, and establish ourselves as a new nonprofit organization.




Concept: Precipitation Northwest was created by and for the community, based on the core ideals of participatory art, civic engagement, and volunteer leadership and training. It is in the spirit of communal effort that we are issuing an open invitation to individual artists who are willing to donate their time, talents, and expertise to help us create our nonprofit organization’s first logo.


Process & Selection: Any artists who are interested in participating in this project are invited to contact us directly via email by the open call deadline. The Precipitation Northwest Board of Directors will then review the submissions and will ultimately invite one artist to work with us to actually produce a final logo. The Board may ask interested artists to submit either a quick sketch or share their idea via a written narrative in order to help with our decision-making. As logo development is an iterative process, all interested artists should be prepared to dedicate time to engage with us via phone, Skype, or in-person) to develop a final logo, make revisions as needed, and be able to provide multiple versions of the final logo for us to work with. While it would be ideal if a final logo would be produced in time to unveil at SOAK*2017 (May 25th), we realize this may be unrealistic and will work with the designer to develop an appropriate timeline.


Gratitude: We are grateful to the artists who choose to donate their time and talent to this project. We can offer public credit to the final artist on our Facebook page and our organization’s website. We can also provide professional references and/or testimonials as requested. We can also give the final artist a tax deduction for their gift-in-kind contribution. (This tax deductible gift is contingent upon our organization being approved for 501(c)3 tax exemption; details about this process will be discussed privately with the selected artist.) We are disappointed we can’t offer any direct monetary compensation for the final product, but artists are encouraged to suggest non-monetary opportunities for us to demonstrate our gratitude for their generous donation.


Open Call Deadline: Sunday, April 30th, 11:59pm


Instructions: Send an email with the title “Logo Project Artist” to board@precipitationnw.org, and include the following information in the body of your email:

  1. Your first and last name (and burner name if you have one)

  2. A brief explanation (2-3 sentences) about why you are motivated to participate in this project with us

  3. A brief explanation (2-3 sentences) about your experience with logo development. Previous experience is not required in order to be considered, but will be helpful.

  4. Your portfolio. This can be sent either as a link to your online portfolio or as a single PDF document attached to the email that represents your body of work (multiple pages within the single PDF document are allowed).

  5. Suggestions for non-monetary acts of gratitude that would be meaningful to you in exchange for your donation of time and talent to this project, if you were to be selected as the final artist


Please contact us with any questions or concerns by emailing us at board@precipitationnw.org. Thank you!