Summer 2017 Update

Hello from the Precipitation Northwest Board of Directors!

We hope you are having a fantastic summer. Despite the heat, we’ve been keeping busy. Below are some highlights about what we’ve been working on since our last update back in May. (Click here to see our previous update)

Tax Exempt Nonprofit Status Has Been Acquired!: Precipitation Northwest was established as an Oregon nonprofit corporation back in February 2016. Since then, we’ve been working on getting systems and policies in place in order to submit the necessary paperwork to the IRS applying for 501(c)3 federal tax exempt status. On August 1, 2017, we submitted our application to the IRS for consideration, and effective August 9, 2017, Precipitation Northwest is thrilled to announce that we have officially been granted tax exemption as a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit! We will be rolling out information regarding tax-exempt gifts and what this means for our ongoing operations as well as SOAK and BurnOut in the coming weeks.

New Logo Has Been Finalized & Will Be Announced Soon: As a result of our open call for artist portfolios, we selected an awesome graphic designer Ka(Ren) Green who has graciously donated her time and talent to develop our organization’s first logo. We have worked closely with her over the last few months and will be unveiling our new logo soon - we can’t wait to share it with you!

BurnOut 2017 Location Secured: Our region’s annual post-Burning Man decompression event BurnOut has been under the management of SOAK LLC for the last several years and has been produced by Xandra (Ice Queen), one of our region’s Burning Man Regional Contacts (RC)s. Starting in 2017, Precipitation Northwest will assume ownership of the event from SOAK LLC and will work closely with Xandra to help produce this year’s event. We already have a new location booked, and the date set: mark your calendars for Saturday, October 7th at the North Warehouse! (Facebook invite coming soon.)

SOAK*2017 Final Wrap Up: As we close the books on SOAK*2017, we want to take moment to share some final thoughts on this year’s event.

  • Our final population count was 1,566 --- making 2017 our biggest year ever!
  • We received some feedback from the community about some of the language in our Art Grant contracts, and as a result, will be making some slight adjustments to address these specific concerns for 2018. We will be working with artists in our community to ensure the language included in our contracts works for everyone.

We want to take a moment to thank our fantastic volunteer team for their tireless efforts to make this event happen. THANK YOU to:

  • @pparatus and SOAK LLC for sponsoring the event
  • The Justesen family for being gracious hosts and longtime supporters
  • Our fabulous Event Producers, Starfish and Honeybee
  • Production Assistant and Cartographer, Hero
  • Our Regional Contacts (RCs): Porn Star, Ice Queen, and Ghostess
  • All of our Volunteer Department Leads:
    • Ambassador Leads: Choo Choo & Touchy; Artist Liaison: Sepia;
      Box Office Leads: Pantsless & Chew Toy; D’Corps Lead: Rally;
      DPW Leads: Hatchet & Cupcake; Fire Safety Lead: Dapper;
      Conclave Shin: Sabrina; Gate Leads: Bubbles & Nipple;
      Hospitality Lead: Ruby; Ice Lead: Ice Queen;
      LNT Lead: Tusk; MBS Leads: Jinx & KosherBacon;
      Media Leads: Browse & Space Cadet; Medical Lead: Honey Badger;
      Parks & Wrecks Leads: Cabin Boy & Coco; Pathlighters Leads: Alisa & JJ;
      Placement Leads: BlindSpot, Ceres, & Joshy; Ranger Leads: Sinamox & Hazelnut; Power & Comms Leads: Brandon & Not-A-Cop; Sanctuary Leads: Me2 & Juliana

  • All of the volunteers, artists, and participants who helped make this event wonderful!


We are so excited for this next phase of our organization’s growth and are grateful to each and every one of you who have reached out lately offering your support and love --- it means the world to us! Anyone who has ideas, suggestions, or questions for us are encouraged to get in touch via or send us a message or comment via our Facebook Page.

In service,

Your Precipitation Northwest Board of Directors,
Amelia, Becca, Julia, Ariel, Adrian, Ryan, and Tomcat