Burnout 2018 Update

After much discussion and deliberation, Precipitation Northwest has decided to cancel Burnout 2018. The board came to this decision after months of discussions among ourselves, with RC’s, current and past event producers, and various community members. Due to lack of interest from the community to help produce the event, the board has decided to focus community resources towards future events and beyond.

Outreach for the production volunteer position via Facebook and personal outreach did not result in any applicants. While we are disappointed by the lack of interest for producing this event, we feel this is a clear message that perhaps what the community needs are more leadership development opportunities. We have a few ideas we’re working on, including potentially creating a Northwest Leadership Summit (similar to Burning Man’s Global Leadership Conference) and working to re-imagine a better Burnout that the community can get behind.

If you have an interest in participating in the Northwest Leadership Summit, helping us create an awesome Burnout 2019, or have any other event ideas that you think align with Precipitation Northwest’s mission statement, please contact us by sending an email to programs@precipitationnw.org.

Want to stay in contact with the local Portland Burner community throughout the year?

  • Meet local burners at Woosday, an unofficial burner gathering, every Tuesday night at Roadside Attraction beginning around 6pm.

  • Join the Portland Burners group on Facebook

  • Follow the Burning Man Portland page on Facebook

  • Contact the Precipitation NW Board for volunteer opportunities by emailing board@precipitationnw.org