Post-Event Report: Annual General Meeting

On Sunday, 1/20/19, Board of Precipitation Northwest held its first Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM was held from 4pm-6pm at the Burner Barn and was also broadcast online via Zoom link. The event was promoted on Precipitation Northwest’s website, on their Facebook page, and also on the Portland Burners Facebook page.

In addition to all 7 of the current Board members and the Q&A moderator, there were approximately 15 people who attended the meeting in person, with an additional 5 people joining online.

The full presentation is available here, but in summary, the Board spent 1 hour presenting on the following topics:

  • A general overview of the structure of the Board and how the Board functions

  • Introductions of 3 new Board members who joined starting January 1 (Sarah, Dale, and Danielle)

  • A brief overview of financial and business responsibilities as a 501c3 nonprofit

  • How the the Board interacts with the production teams of Precipitation Northwest events (namely SOAK and BurnOut)

  • How the Board interacts with SOAK LLC

  • How the Board interacts with Portland’s Regional Contacts (RCs), who are the Burning Man Organization’s (BMORG’s) appointed volunteers (Click here to learn more about the BMORg’s RC program and about the RC selection criteria)

  • Known issues, concerns, and questions that about the organization

In addition to the above topics, there was a moderated 45 minute Q&A session that was facilitated by Sarah Nordbye Brice. Attendees online and in-person were invited to write down questions for the Board during the session. These questions were collected and reviewed during a break, and as many questions as possible were answered in the time allotted.  

The meeting was a success, and the Board plans to hold these more frequently (at least 1x a year, if not more!) to allow for more opportunities for the community to address concerns, ask questions, share ideas, and give feedback about their ongoing work.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to join, and for the thoughtful and passionate feedback that was shared!

The Board sees this AGM event, and the upcoming Town Hall event on February 16, as important opportunities to continue to improve communication, increase transparency, and foster collaboration with the community about the work they do.

A special thanks to our Q&A session moderator Sarah Nordbye Brice, and the Burner Barn Manager KosherBacon for helping us set up!