SOAK*2019 Artist & Civic Provisions Awardees

We are pleased to announce this year’s Artist & Civic Provisions awardees! The following update was written by Sepia, our SOAK*2019 Artist Provisions Administrator about the process. It was shared on Portland Announce and we’re resharing here on our website. Thank you to Sepia, our passionate group of TAG volunteers, and our community of talented and created artists for participating in this program!

Please make sure to check out the beautiful slideshow of the funding recipients by clicking below:

“Hive minds have been synced! Congratulations to 16 art projects and 19 civic projects awarded funding by the SOAK*2019 Talented And Gifted Peer Review team!

How do SOAK Provisions work? Once applications are collected into a slideshow, a committee of volunteer peers called Talented And Gifted gather to review proposals and vote on awards. The committee is open to volunteers through the same channels as other SOAK volunteer opportunities.

SOAK*2019 Civic Provisions (New this year!)

TAG ran our first Civic Provisions process this year. TAG chose to add $130 from art provisions. Total dispersed for civics: $1,130 to 19 applicants. Fire, camp signage/decor, community-need projects funded:

Bear Naked Tramp Studio

Best Butt

Black Rock Gladiators

BROTHel Camp



Fiery Flowers and Zen Garden

Fleetwood Mac & Cheese


Letter of the Day

Over F*ckin’ Rated

Radiant Chaos



Tiki Camp

uASS Local #2

Universal Eggsperience

Yall's Camp

Yellow Bikes

SOAK*2019 Artist Provisions

This year, the budget of Artist Provisions was $6,870. All funds are intended to fund art projects directly. The Artist Provisions Administrator guides the funding process, and provides a philosophical and historical, non-voting perspective. The committee makes final funding suggestions based on guidelines like interactivity, creativity, safety, reliability, skill, uniqueness, and in consideration of how the project aligns with the Ten Principles or theme.

The following works of art are funded, in part, by Precipitation Northwest & anonymous Donor-Participants!

The 2019 Awarded Art Projects are: (Click here to see the full slideshow, with photos!)

PROJECT: The Janky Arcades by Dave Halbeck aka Schooner (Repair+update)

Artist Statement: Compulsion, Obsession, and Enthusiasm. I want video gaming to be social, and spontaneous, appealing to all ages.

PROJECT: Alternity by Roy Trammell aka TheWiz (Repair)

Artist Statement: I create art to make the world a more interesting place, and to bring meaning and purpose to my life.

PROJECT: Dimensional Dreams by Becca Priddy aka Shiny (New)

Artist Statement: Art is an outlet for many people, and I'm lucky to be able to put my art into physical form. Art has been very therapeutic for me, helping me focus my anxiety and depression. This year I am creating a piece, with other artists, to help share places of calm and peace. I have a very difficult day job, so building a project based around mindfulness and relaxation is pretty awesome.

PROJECT: Drippin Disco by Alexander Griffith aka Xander Thumper & Amy Thompson (New)

Artist Statement: I am a full time Fiber Artist by day. When my GF and I lived in San Diego years ago we made several large scale disco balls for Youtopia. I think the last one was in 2015. They were highly well received.

PROJECT: Sequinfluence by Kristen Dunn aka Trashfence (New)

Artist Statement: I make art to deepen my connection with myself and the world around me. I make art to reflect how I see the world and what I want to see in the world. I make art to briefly decorate the void.

PROJECT: Brain Storm by Sarah Vitak aka Dingo Starrr (Repair)

Artist Statement: I am a maker, scientist, science communicator, and artist. I delight in the intersection of art, science, and human interaction. I love sharing the joy and wonder of science with people and in particular I like bringing that joy through non-traditional means. As an artist I love creating experiences. I want someone to be completely immersed by my art and feel like they are walking into a different world. I design my art to facilitate connections between people, encourage play, and spark curiosity.

PROJECT: Temple of the Five by Frank Broyles, Calvin Bryen & Temple Crew 523 (New)

Artist Statement: I've burnt a lot of stuff at SOAK. 3 temples, a tree (that we built), thunderbridge...My favorite thing is to convince people to spend months building something and then setting it on fire in front of them.

PROJECT: Community Bloom by Donald Heer aka Mega and Martin Held (New)

Artist Statement: SO this is my first time doing art for an event that is not tied to my theme camp. I'm pretty excited about getting to spend all of my time on something that while others will get to enjoy it, I have full control over. I really hope to make something that intrigues people and can act to bring them together for even a few minutes. I want to make something that has maximum impact while being reliable and low resource cost.

PROJECT: Lightning Cube by Colin Barringer aka Dr. Responsible & Mike MacHenry, Melissa Barringer, David Besley, Sarah Vitak (New)

Artist Statement: My purpose in life is to bring people joy and solve problems for them through the medium of engineering. My source of greatest joy is to collaborate in the construction of art with others, particularly if said art requires solving complicated or interesting engineering problems. Making art is also an opportunity to meet people who may be interested in working with me, inspired by me, or simply interested in the output of what I'm doing.

PROJECT: Night Flowers by Chance Corbeil aka Chance Ci (New)

Artist Statement: I’m an artist making magical spaces and sculptures that breath, fly, swim, and constantly change. Flowing colorful light moves through my art and environments, always fresh and new. I want art to feel alive. Transforming spaces with light and art can influence us to explore and discover what makes that space special. We take time to be in the moment and participate. I want to make more magical spaces with our community for us to explore.

PROJECT: We Have Hives by Courtney Sherwood aka Space Cadet (New)

Artist Statement: My approach to art is generally rooted in puns and a sense of mischievousness aimed at provoking consternation, amusement or groans.

PROJECT: Labyrinth of The Mind by Shawn Estell AKA pinky, Holly Heredia aka Redirect & Tristan Roberson (New)

Artist Statement: I’m a professional artist of 15 years who works with public art installation and the performing arts all my career. I love to work with community and have the work I do be interactive and open to anyone of any age or cultural background.

PROJECT: Synapse by Rachel Glaves aka Capra (New)

Artist Statement: I explore creating the feeling of altered "inside" spaces; the feeling of entering and existing in a changed, magical dimension where different rules apply. I aim to create emotional reactions to and within those spaces using a variety of senses.

PROJECT: The Chromosphere by Christopher Condrat (Repair)

Artist Statement: I'm attracted to, and try to create, interactive art because it enables the audience to participate in the art, becoming a part of it. I feel interactive art is at its best when it involves interaction not only with the piece, but between participants, creating a shared experience.

PROJECT: Portal by Chance Corbeil aka Chance Ci & Chris Pitzer aka Chrispy (Update)

Artist Statement: Art is about the joy of making. It's about exploring ideas and about using materials in new and novel ways. It's a way we come together with our close friends to spend time working together - the work that ties us together. It's about dreaming for a world that's better and more beautiful and working to make it happen. <3

PROJECT: Bag of Ice by Michelle Bobo aka Bobo & Jesse Banks (New)

Artist Statement: The inspiration for this project is to add a layer of art and experience around ice sales at SOAK. Buying ice at Burning Man generally involves a wait process, but it also involves music and dancing and the participatory experience of meeting new people as you move through the line. SOAK rarely has a line, but it also lacks this shared element of fun and participation. I wish to change that!

Slideshow of funding recipients:

I wish to thank the 24 voting-members of this year’s peer review team! Way to step up to support the arts and your fellow burners! Thanks for your participation & HeArt!

Hive Five,