New Burner Barn Announcement: We're Moving!

Bird’s eye view of the new Burner Barn (thanks for creating this image, KosherBacon!)

Bird’s eye view of the new Burner Barn (thanks for creating this image, KosherBacon!)

We have exciting news: The Burner Barn is moving! We love our community of volunteers and know that we have outgrown the old Burner Barn. Precipitation Northwest has signed a new lease at a bigger and better location in order to give us more room to grow and serve the community better. The new location of the Burner Barn is a space in the Pickle Factory, which is located in North Portland near the Kenton neighborhood at 866 N Columbia Blvd.


When the move is happening? We will be moving into the new space the first two weeks of July 2019.

What’s new? Indoor plumbing, bathrooms, a shared kitchen with other Pickle Factory residents, WAY more build space, and a new home for Precipitation Northwest.

What’s the same? All of the best things from the old Burner Barn: SOAK and BurnOut physical assets will be stored here, our SOAK Major Burnable Structure (MBS) crew will be able to work and build there (bonus: they can now be inside and out of the rain!), volunteer meetings for SOAK and BurnOut can be hosted here, and other groups can hold meetings here as needed too.

When will the new Burner Barn be accessible for community meetings and workshops? We anticipate being able to host meetings and workshops for the community starting at the beginning of August 2019.

How can I access the Burner Barn? I have more questions! Please contact our Burner Barn Manager Kosher Bacon at with any additional questions you may have.